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The Best Fabric Colours To Use For Each Season

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Why Should You Change Your Fabric Colours Depending On The Season?

Changing your fabric colours in your home is a quick and easy style change which can change the whole vibe of your room in a short amount of time. If you like to switch the look of your home up but don’t have much time on your hands, this will be perfect for you when the season’s change and nature changes. The look outside our window changes and consists of loads of different colours to set the season’s vibes. To ensure that your home is doing the same, you must fit the vibes for each season into your home. That way, you can enjoy each season to its best ability. Switching your fabrics can include changing your bed sheets or curtains, switching out a thrown-on change, or changing your pillow covers. The choices are endless. Here are some colour options for each season you can design your home.

Winter Fabrics Colours

Everyone gets a clean slate when winter arrives at the beginning of the year. Winter marks the beginning of a new year. The first day of the new year has arrived, and everyone hopes for a fresh start. The current time is ideal for transitioning from autumn to winter fabrics in your home. The following are some of the options you have during the winter:

  • Navy blue

Navy blue brings a beautiful look to your home for winter. It gives the dark, mysterious vibes that winter holds. The colour navy blue represents power and importance, so it can bring a solid and professional look to your home. 

  • White

White brings the winter look to your home as it is the same colour as the snow. This represents the season well. White goes with every colour, so you won’t have to worry about colours clashing when swapping out colours. 

  • Emerald green

Let’s face it. Emerald green is a beautiful colour. It represents balance and harmony, which can be a lovely feeling to have in your home. Due to this being a strong colour, it will stand out in your home and show off your fantastic decor. 

  • Dark grey

Dark grey is a trendy colour that is commonly used in homes. Dark grey is easy to mix with other colours and can be matched with different winter fabric colours when designing your home. This means your choices will be endless. Due to dark grey being a popular interior design colour, many styles will be chosen. 

Spring Fabrics Colours

Spring is a beautiful time when all the flowers start to grow. The colours begin to change as spring arises, which means it’s time for you to change the look of your home. Here are some fabulous colours for your home for spring. 

  • Green

Green is the perfect colour for spring due to all the leaves turning back green and the grass beginning to grow. This makes the colour fit well with the vibe outside due to the colour green correlating with rebirth. This is perfect for bringing a fresh new look to your home. 

  • White

Just like winter, white is a good colour for spring. It can be matched well with all of the primary colours for spring and won’t clash with any colour. It’s also a bright colour which corresponds with the brightness of spring.

  • Pink

Pink is a beautiful, sweet colour which goes perfect with spring. This colour works well in springtime, matching the beautiful flowers and blossoms that grow around nature. Pink also relates to love and kindness. Who wouldn’t want that in their home?

Summer Fabric Colours

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the world, but you must ensure you’re coming back home to a beautiful home. Here are all the fun colours to represent the fun of summer. 

  • Yellow

Yellow is a great colour for summer. It matches the sun and brings the beautiful sun into your home. You need a light colour, such as yellow, to bring summer into your home. 

  • Pastel colours

Any pastel colour is a fantastic choice for your home for the summer. They are light and fun but also give calm and peaceful vibes. This means you can have a chilled and relaxing summertime when you are in your home.

  • Blue greys

As grey is a popular colour for interior design, it fits well for the summer in more of a blue tone. A blue/grey tone in your home brings something different than the bright colours if you prefer something different. 

Autumn Fabric Colours

Autumn is the time of year when things get busy. The year is ending, and Halloween is just around the corner. Whilst the temperature is beginning to get cold outside. It’s essential to have a cosy vibe within your home. Here are some colours you can have in your home for autumn. 

  • Rust orange

Rust orange is a very popular colour for autumn. This is because the leaves change to orange and fall to the ground outside. Changing your fabrics to orange will give a great representation of autumn in your home. 

  • Brown

Brown is another fantastic colour to use for autumn. This is because it matches the colour of the dark woods in autumn. It gives a mysterious yet comforting feel to your home. This solid colour looks great on the fabrics in your home. 

  • Dark Purple

Dark purple is a great colour for someone who wants a little more colour in their home for autumn. Purple is often associated with creativity, making it a great colour to add to your home. Purple is also often associated with Halloween, which falls into the time of autumn. 

  • Red

Red is another good colour for autumn. Apples are a common scent and food for this season, which collaborates red perfectly. Red also matches the change in the colour of the leaves on the trees. 


Now you have your options. It’s now time to prepare for the season. Your home will have a whole new fantastic vibe for each season. This means that you will always have excitement about decorating your home. Get in touch today if you want the best fabrics for your home. 

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